How to Make Boutonnieres

Hairpin Wiring Technique

When learning how to make boutonnieres you need to begin with basic wiring of flowers.  Mums and daisies have a slender stalk and do well with the hairpin wiring technique. 

It's very easy to master and will give extra support to both the flower head and the stem of the boutonniere.

I like using 26 gauge florist wire which is flexible, but not so thin that it doesn't give good support.  Remember - the finer and thinner the wire the higher the number. 

Place the wire stem parallel to the flower stem and pierce right below the flower head.

Gently push the wire up into the head and out through the center of the flower.

With either your fingers or needle nose pliers, bend the end of the wire to resemble a hairpin hook.

Keep the hook narrow so it makes a small indent in the flower center when pulled through.

Gently pull the wire downwards, until the hook is buried and concealed in the center of the flower.   Don't pull so hard that the wire comes back out of the bottom of the flower.

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