How to Make Bouquets

Wedding Bouquet Design Gallery 1

Learn how to make bouquets by following my easy, step-by-step photo tutorials. Exact details on how to wire flowers, use floral supplies and create beautiful designs that last.

Florists are experts in using quick shortcuts to create beautiful designs that may "fool the eye" - yet work best for flower durability. A faux hand-tied bouquet, for example, may actually be made on a bouquet holder, but be created in such a way that it looks like a real hand tied design. Newer products, such as bouquet holders that have a built-in water wicking system in the handle, can extend the life of flowers dramatically.

Don't skip over important steps such as stem adhesives or flower sealants. These are the products that set professionals apart from amateurs and allow you to create designs in advance.

Decorative wire, sparkling gems and strung pearls are the newest and hottest accessories for bridal bouquet designs today.

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