How to Make a Wedding Bouquet

Easy Step by Step Flower Arranging Tutorials

You can learn how to make a wedding bouquet that will look just as professional as those from flower shops. I have many tutorials broken down step by step, including round designs, cascades, arm bouquets, crescents and pomanders.

The supplies needed for this bouquet are:

Listed steps for this wedding bouquet:

1.  Choose A Bouquet Holder

2.  Lomey Bouquet Collars

3.  Soaking the Oasis Foam in the Holder

4.  Adding Oriental Lilies

5.  Wiring Cymbidium Orchids

6.  Adding Orchids to the Bouquet

7.  Adding Nerine Lilies

8. Adding Orange Crocosmia

9. Creating Silk Cascade

10. Floralock Stem Adhesive

11. Lomey Bouquet Jewelry

12. Finishing Touch Spray

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