How to Make a
Wedding Bouquet

Calla Lilies and Stephanotis

You can learn how to make a wedding bouquet that rivals bouquets from professional shops (uh . . .without the high price tag!)

It's wise to browse through all my step by step bouquet tutorials.  You can choose from traditional hand-tied, mock hand bouquets, traditional cascades and more.  Each one will lead you through the process with detailed photos and florist hints.

I generally encourage DIY brides to consider creating a mock hand-tied bouquet.  There are great benefits to flowers having a constant water source.  Today's bridal bouquets have to hold up well through outside pictures, long wedding ceremonies and a night of partying at the reception.  Treating your flowers right from the beginning by processing them correctly  and finish by spraying them with fresh flower products that will keep them fresh.  This is the key to professional looking flower designs that hold up longer.

This bouquet design shown below contains hydrangeas.  I warn you - hydrangeas are a very thirsty flower and can wilt easily on a hot summer day.  They need special care to keep them looking beautiful throughout your wedding day.  Hydrangeas need a constant water source.  Consider carefully before choosing them as the base for your bridal bouquet.

Here are the products you need:

The longest part of the prep for this bouquet is re-stemming your stephanotis using stephotis picks.  Depending on the method you use, you may need to lay a wire next to the stem and tape down with florist tape, lengthening the stem.  Do this with all your stephanotis blooms. 

Take care to wash your hands first and try not to handle the blooms too much.  The oils from your fingers can brown or bruise these perfect star-like flowers.

Gather your three hydrangeas together and either insert into the bouquet holder or hold clustered in your hand.  Insert the callas, tucking them down in between the laterals of the hydrangeas.

Add the stephanotis last, lightly inserting them so they stand slightly above the hydrangea blooms.

If using a bouquet holder,  squirt Floralock in short bursts to secure all stems into the bouquet holder.  Finish by misting throughly with Finishing Touch and allow to dry before refrigerating. 

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