How to Make a Rose Bouquet

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Learn how to make a rose bouquet by following the simple tutorial below and going to the continuing pages. I already have selected my bouquet holder. I am using a SuperWet Bouquet Holder by Oasis because of it's large foam head and the self-watering handle.

When you processed the roses, you should have left on the outer petals, even if they look bruised or torn. This protects the inner petals until you are ready to make your bouquet.

Remove those petals now, taking off anything that doesn't look good. If you wish, save the better petals for use on bridal tables, around cakes, flower girl baskets and other decorative ideas.

I begin by inserting the rose dead center in the top of the bouquet holder. Be sure to clean off all thorns so they will not tear up your OASIS foam when inserting.

The length of your stem will determine the final size of the bouquet. Longer stems will mean a bigger bouquet, shorter stems for a smaller bouquet. The stems should be inserted about 1 1/2 inches into the foam.

The flower heads should touch each other and begin to angle outwards.

Continue to add roses, keeping all the flower heads level with one another for this design.

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