How to Make a
Rose Boutonniere

Want to learn how to make a rose boutonniere turn from ordinary to WOW!!!?  Florists upgrade boutonnieres and corsages by adding in design accessories such as flower jewelry, colored wire, laser leaves or ribbon wrapping the stems.

Let's begin with a basic white rose.  Florists always begin by processing their bulk wedding flowers correctly.  You should always cut the rose stems underwater and dip in a hydrating product such as Quick Dip.  This will extend the life of all your flowers and keep them looking garden fresh.

Remove all the guard petals from your rose.  These outer petals are left on the flower until you are ready to design.  They will protect the inner rose petals from browning and creasing.

If you are doing your boutonnieres ahead of time, consider using Stay-Fresh Rose Picks so that your rose will have a water source.

Laser leaves are an artificial leaf with a holographic finish.  It comes in a variety of colors and (for a low cost) add a big impact to your boutonnieres.

 (My apologies - the laser leaves have been discontinued by the manufacturer and are no longer available.  Other corsages leaves can be found at my store site)

The generous pack of 48 pieces comes in three shapes and sizes.

The wire stem of the laser leaf is strong enough to actually pierce the caylex  and allow the first leaf to fit snugly against the head of the rose.

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