How to Make a Boutonniere

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Boutonnieres are typically a high priced item for very little time and materials.  Florists "upscale" boutonnieres and corsages to justify the high prices.  This means that the attention to detailing is important.  Adding assorted mixed greenery or design elements such as pearls, rhinestones or colored wire with a fast way to add more to the final retail cost.

Unfortunately I've noticed that a lot of high ranking flower farms online insist on their customers either buying in large quantities (10 bunches at a time!) or charge inflated prices (but sometimes only giving you half a grower's bunch!  (Florists buy galax in bunches of 25.) 

Paying over $22 for a single bunch of leaves (10!!) works out to $2.20 per leaf.  At those prices, you'd be better off having a florist shop make your own wedding flowers, because you really aren't saving any money.

My goal with this website to help brides save money by making their own wedding flowers.  I provide detailed step by step flower tutorials for corsages, boutonnieres, centerpieces and bridal bouquets.  

I wanted to show them how to create more than a "cookie cutter" bouquet.   Brides can learn how to create sophisticated looking designs that includes mixing in different kinds of greenery and flower varieties.  I also explain the simple products that florists use to extend the life of their fresh flowers.

The only way a DIY bride is going to actually come out ahead $$$ is by buying her wholesale greenery and flowers by single bunches.  This gives her the freedom to choose her look, mixing and matching colors and varieties while satisfying her own creative vision for her flowers.

I may not claim "free shipping" and all the other gimmicks, but I do try to give you a fair price without forcing you overbuy on flowers.  I encourage brides to use my free Wedding Flower Calculator so she can create her own "flower recipe" and will know exactly how much she needs to order.

I also sell everything you need in one place - bouquet holders, florist foam, centerpiece containers, table clamps, ribbon, wire, floral tools and much more.  We ship out of a working florist warehouse, so the products are not old store closeouts, but fresh stock that is supplies to local working flower shops.  

For this boutonniere, you will need the following products:

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