How to Make a Pew Decoration

Learn how to make a pew decoration that is absolutely gorgeous! This lovely cone design isn't as difficult as it looks. It can be made with either fresh flowers or silk - whichever you prefer.

The flowers used for this design were white Lilies, white Roses, wink Tulips, wink Hydrangea, and trailing ivy. You can certainly create a similar look using the flowers to make your wedding decor.

You will need:

    Fabric of your choice
    12" styrofoam cone
    Pew Holder Clip
    Oasis Hot Glue
    Pearl Corsage Pins
    Unwired Cowee Stakes

    Using a 12" STYROFOAM* cone, wrap it with fabric cut to size of the cone. Secure the fabric edges with regular pins. Tipping the pin in white glue before inserting it into the cone will make it more secure.

    Beginning at the top, wrap the cone securely with decorative ribbon, creating a braid pattern in the front and pinning with a pearl-headed corsage pins.

    Soak a OASIS* Large Pew Holder until foam is completely saturated in water that has been properly treated with a flower food. It takes about one minute to soak in water and then add your flowers.

    The pew holder is attached to the cone with wooden stakes. Insert them first into the pew holder, then insert them deeply into the cone. It helps to tip the wooden stakes with floral glue before inserting into either of the foams. You can also secure it with hot or cold melt glue.

    This pew decoration, made with a fabric-wrapped STYROFOAM® cone topped with lovely flowers makes a lovely frame for your wedding aisle.

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