How to Make a Freesia Wedding Bouquet

When making any wedding bouquet, I generally recommend that you consider creating a "mock" hand tied bouquet, rather than a true hand tied, because it has a built in water source.  As a professional florist, my first thought is to always keep the flowers as fresh as long as possible so they look lovely all throughout that special wedding day.

This freesia bouquet is a fairly simple hand tie and is easy to create.  You will need:

Rounded hand bouquets are achieve by crossing stems and rotating the bouquet, then adding another crossed stem, rotating the bouquet and so on.

I like to tape off my hand ties with Bind It tape frequently so that I don't have to worry about letting go of a big handful of flowers.

Browse this extensive rose tutorial to learn the step by step mechanics (with photos) on how to achieve a perfect rounded effect with splayed flower stems that can stand alone.

After the bouquet is done and bound with the tape, create several fluffy loops of a bow and use a straight length of the ribbon to tie the bow at the crossed point of the freesia stems.

Always finish all your flower designs with a good misting of Finishing Touch to seal the tender blossoms and protected them from petal transparency.

Allow to dry before refrigerating your finished design.

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