How to Make a European Bridal Bouquet

Spiraling a Hand Tied Bouquet

I like Molly's (from Sweet Pea Florist) tutorial on creating a European styled bridal bouquet.  European bouquets are known for their "flared" stems.  The rounded shape is achieve by a crossing stem technique.

Although it's not really necessary to "tap the shoulder" each time you place a stem, the theory is that it helps you remember to keep each flower at an angle "crossing" the central stem.

You then give the bouquet a 1/3 turn, pick up next stem, and again place it at an angle.  If you are not used to floral design, it is handy to stop occasionally and tape the stems into place, making sure you adjust the placement up or down and that they are exactly where you want them to be.  In a busy shop - it is sometimes necessary to stop and answer a ringing phone!  For an amateur designer, holding a large amount of stems can get rather fatiguing on your hand after a while.

I do like to gently wire Gerbera daisies with 26 gauge wire and tape with floral tape.  This allows a little better control over the way the head of the flower tilts and faces plus gives strength and stability to the flower stem.  Don't tape all the way down - you'll want the bottom of the flower to be able to rest in water later.

In the demonstration video, the daisies are in Gerbera straws to give strength . . . but you have to buy an lot of straws in a package and most DIY brides don't need that many.

Remember - your bouquets are only as good as your processing techniques and using some basic florist products such as Quick Dip and Finishing Touch.  Keep the flowers in a cool place and place the cut ends in a vase filled with only a couple inches of water.

Hydrangeas wilt quickly without water.  Pre-treatment with RosePro is helpful on making them last longer.

(Too much and the Gerbera stems will get slimy and soft and bacteria starts to develop).  Make sure none of the stems are ever out of water or they will droop fast.

Video Courtesy SweetPeaBlooms

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