How to Make a Corsage

Wiring Leather Leaf Fern

Leather leaf fern is a staple product in every flower shop.  I laugh when I see wholesale flower sites claiming that a bunch sells retail for around $15.  The "wholesale" price that they sell it for is really a more realistic retail cost than it is a wholesale price.

Leather leaf separates easily into smaller fronds that are perfect to wire and use in both corsage and boutonniere work.

Hook the wire over a bottom single leaf and tape as you did with the other fresh leaves.

Here are the mixed greens I'm using in this corsage design.  As you can see, if you were forced to buy a full case (usually 10 bunches) of each of these greens - you would have to buy over $400 worth of greens and have 40 bunches to deal with!

Free shipping isn't really free if you are forced to buy in huge quantities that you don't need.  Mix and match your flower varieties and greens and save money by buying in single bunches. 

Use my Wedding Flower Calculator to decide on flower recipes for every design and keep control over your flower budget.  This simply means you decide ahead of time what flowers and greens are going into every design.  The calculator will add them up and round up to the nearest grower's bunch so you know how much to order and how many individual stems you will have left over.

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