How to Make a Corsage

Wax Flower Accents

Wax flower is dainty and small and perfect for accenting corsages and boutonnieres.  You can use this in place (or in addition to) the more popularly known baby's breath.

Don't go overboard with giant clumps.  Cut off sprigs and glue in here and there between the other flowers.

You can immediately see how the wax flower adds a lot and breaks up the solid white of the corsage.

Try not to extend the filler flower beyond the heads of the other larger flowers.

Turn your design and look from all sides, adding more wax flower where needed.  Once the filler flower is in place, you can add a few jewel accents if you wish.

I love the chunky style accents with no foil backing.  (Foil backing adds sparkle - but can look like black spots in wedding photos!  Ugg!)

Glue a few of the jewels into place, but don't overpower your corsage with them.  

These are a pretty good size and work well for corsages, boutonnieres and bridal bouquets.

See how lovely just a little sparkle from flower jewelry can add to your finished corsage!

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