How to Make a Corsage

Taping Techniques

I continue to wire and tape several more roses for my corsage.  Keep in mind the size of your wearer.  A tiny, petite person would need a smaller corsage - perhaps even considering using spray roses instead of standards.

Roses should have a firm feel to the head.  Loose petals can be a sign of aging and the corsage may not last long after it is pulled from the refrigerator.

Cut the stems off short (about 1" to 1 1/2" below the caylx) with a sharp knife.  Scissors can have a hard time cutting through the tough, slippery skin of a rose.  Be sure to remove any thorns.

Cut and tape all the roses and other flowers (including greenery) and tape before beginning assembly.  This makes a quicker production, as you are not continually picking up and putting down your knife.

I keep a stiff base of dry foam close and push the taped components into it rather than lying the flowers down on a table surface, which can cause bruising of delicate petals.

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