How to Make a Corsage

Spraying with Finishing Touch

Corsages can be a little tricky at first, but you soon get into a rhythm and will find that you can product a beautiful, professional looking corsage that anyone would be proud to wear!

I finish all my wedding designs by spraying with a flower sealant such as Finishing Touch.

This is important since DIY flowers are usually stored in a regular household refrigerator.  That type of unit takes moisture OUT of the air, while professional floral coolers put humidity INTO the air. 

Spraying with a flower sealant helps protect from that type of moisture loss and slows down petal transparency.  Simply - it makes your flowers stay fresh longer.

If you plan on turning your corsage into a wristlet, scale down a bit and check out our corsage bracelets.  They come in lots of different popular designs and colors.  You may want to build in a taped wire loop in the back to make it easier to tie the finished corsage to the acrylic base on the wristlet.

Check out how to use floral adhesive to quickly glue wrist corsages, saving a lot of time.  I also have a lot of easy bridal bouquet, centerpieces and other wedding flower designs with lots of step by step pictures.

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