How to Make a Corsage

Ribbon and Pearl Accents

There are a lot of decorative products out there that can add sparkle and touches of sophisticated elegance to any corsage or boutonniere.

In fact, it is the power of these kinds of flower jewels that let florists charge top dollar for their corsage and boutonnieres.

You can buy your own if you wish and make your designs look just as professional!

Beaded pearls come in a large arrange of colors - don't feel limited to just white!

Corsage ribbon adds a lot to the design element.  For gluing purposes, I'm going to create links to be glued in rather than one large bow for the bottom.

Fold a ribbon over into a loop and then have a tail come up off the back.  Snip with sharp scissors on a diagonal cut.

I'm going to use a quick twist of the beaded pearl wire to both secure the bottom of the ribbon loop and add in a design element at the same time.

Give a couple of twists at the bottom of the ribbon loop with a short length of the beaded wire.

When finished, I form the wire itself into a loop with the pearls showing as part of the design.

After I create several of these, I will glue them into place when I begin my corsage assembly.

Create several loops and set them aside for use later.  You can always snip the tails to a shorter length once glued into the corsage if needed.

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