How to Make a Corsage

Gluing in More Flowers and Ribbon

As you make the corsage, you'll have to decide when and where more flowers or bow loops are needed.  I saw a few areas in this design that I decided needed another bud head.  I simply snipped the tight bud off and dipped it into floral adhesive.

I slipped it next to a larger bloom at the bottom of the corsage.

See how it points upward at a pleasing angle and filled that small gap.

The flowers should face straight up in the center of the design and gradually tilt outwards, eventually curving downward around the wrist.

I still see another gap on the right side, right above the white laser leaf. 

I decided to make another few loops of ribbon as I did before, wiring and dipping the stem into glue before inserting it into the corsage design.

I've still left an opening on the same side, however, as I plan to add decorative colored wire loops into this corsage and add a sparkling rhinestone in the right side in the middle of the bow.

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