How to Make a Corsage

Gluing in the Flowers

Learning how to make a corsage proportioned to the wearer's wrist size is  important.  After wiring and cutting down on the size of the bloom, I applied glue to the stem and buried it deep into the bow, between the ivy sprigs.

Hold for a few seconds to be sure the glue has attached.

The floral adhesive will continue to dry, so be sure the flower is placed exactly where you want it before you let go.  Try not to move the corsage too much so the flowers won't shift during this drying period.

I want different sizes of flower heads to give more interest and variety.  Here I take a smaller, tighter bud from the tip of the gladiolus.

The bud is tight enough that I didn't need to wire.  I wasn't worried that the petals would loosen, so I simply wrapped the florist tape around the end.

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