How to Make a Corsage

Decorative Wrist Band

Corsage bracelets have become very sophisticated over the last few years.  Gone are the silver elastic bands (well . . not really . . . you can still buy them if you want) and in are hot dazzling bracelets that can be kept as a momento of that wonderful day!

I think it's ingenious that Fitz has come up with the ultimate design that makes it easy to attach either wired corsages (with the traditional aluminum tabs), a coiled ribbon for tying or an oversized silicon square for glued corsages.

The bracelets are a work of art.  The styles do change with each new season, but some best sellers come back year after year.

Most of the bracelets are designed to expand and accommodate many wrist sizes.  Oversized and petite bracelets are also available in my online store. 

Since I am planning to use floral adhesive, my first step is to remove the bulk of the coiled ribbon and tie it off with a square knot. 

Do not remove the entire ribbon, as this is what fastens the acrylic square to the bracelet itself.

Once firmly tied and knotted, snip off the excess ribbon with a sharp pair of ribbon scissors.

Next I am going to fold over the aluminum tabs before gluing the flowers to the corsage bracelet.

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