How to Make a Colonial Wedding Bouquet

Learning how to make a bouquet is just a matter of balancing your flower colors and textures. You can make your bouquet all one flower, but if you prefer a little more variety, check out the pictures below!

For this particular bouquet you will need:

I begin the fill in the center area. You don't have to cover it completely because there are a great deal more stems to add.

To learn how to make a bouquet carry impact, don't be afraid of some bold colors. Thus I've added some hot pink miniature carnations just for a splash of color.

These miniature Peruvian lilies are also known as Alstroemeria. They come in a large variety of colors and two or three blooms to each stalk. Beautiful!!

Alstroemeria stems are a little fragile, so insert each stem carefully that you don't bruise or crush them. The trick is to hold the stem between your fingers right up against the foam and gently work the stem into the flower foam. 

Don't poke hard - push the stem while supporting it with your fingers.  Try to insert all your flowers only once, so the florist foam stays firm.

I've now inserted some green hydrangeas clusters deep into the bouquet. Finish with blue delphinium for a spring bouquet look.

Tuck in the hydrangeas so that your heads of your different flowers are at different heights. This will give dimension to your wedding bouquet design.

I've embellished the carnations by inserting three pearl headed corsage pins. This gives that "extra finishing touch" which is so nice for picture closeups.

Now the flower design is finished! I hope you've enjoyed this lesson on how to make a bouquet. Be sure to check out the other step-by-step tutorials, including corsages, boutonnieres, cascading bouquets and altar sprays.

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Be sure to mist your finished designs with a flower sealant such as finishing touch.  This seals the flower heads and keeps your bouquet fresh longer.

If you are doing your bouquet a day or to in advance, be sure to store in a cool area (basement or air conditioned room) and resoak the Oasis florist foam frequently by dibbling water into the foam.  The easier way to to choose a bouquet holder that has a built in water wick in the handle and simply pop it in a vase of water when you are done designing.

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