How to Make a
Colonial Bridal Bouquet

Adding Alstromeria

I'm now going to add some lovely pink alstromeria (also commonly known as "Peruvian Lilies".  This delightful little flower comes in a large range of colors, including different shades of pinks, yellow, white, orange, purple and lavender. 

It holds up well in bouquet, corsage and boutonniere work.  The single stem usually has between 3 to 5 blooms on each stem.  Since a grower's bunch comes in bundles of ten, you can get a lot of mileage out of one or two bunches.

Again - buying ten or more bunches at a time is a lot of flowers unless you are planning a very large wedding with lots of centerpieces or large florals.

Cut the laterals of each lily head off with a sharp knife.  Take care, gently pushing them into the foam with your fingers close to the foam.

You don't want to jam them in too quickly or you could easily crush the delicate stem and make it hard for the bloom to drink water out of the florist foam.

So far we've use one stem of wax flower, one stem of miniature carnations and three stems of alstromeria.  You can see the bouquet is filling out nicely.

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