How to Make a Chrysanthemum Boutonniere

Learning how to make your own wedding boutonniere can really save some money, since these high priced flowers don't have a lot of product involved.

Florists have a high markup on lapel flowers, including corsages and boutonnieres.  Corsages have gotten easier than ever since florists have begun using floral adhesive.  

What presents a problem for DIY brides is ordering the flowers and greenery.  Florists make professional looking designs by mixing in different flower varieties and various fresh green leaves.

Many online flower farms, however, require large minimum purchases of every flower and green.  Having to buy a minimum 10 bunches (considered a floral case) of each pittosporum, lemon leaf and plumosa can run your flower budget up into $100's of dollars before you ever choose a single flower!

Most DIY brides end up sticking with one flower (roses, callas or gerbera daisies) and skip the thought of any greens.

I find this frustrating, since professional florists use greenery to STRETCH the flower budget - not send it spiraling out of control.

I decided to carry fresh flowers and bulk greenery in my online store, along with all the florist supplies needed (such as bouquet holders, wire, floral adhesive, flower processing products and more).  This makes it a one stop shop for the DIY bride.  I also allow her to choose and buy single bunches rather than require huge minimum purchases.

Take this boutonniere, for example.  It is unlikely that you would need ten bunches of pittosporum.  There are usually 15 or more leaves on one stem.  Ten stems (one bunch) is about 150 leaves.  This boutonniere takes 3 leaves, so one stem can do 3 or 4 boutonnieres.

Now I've also added a single lemon leaf to the design for a little different texture.  If you had to order TEN BUNCHES of lemon leaf as well, you suddenly have ANOTHER $100 in greenery alone.  Oh, well . . . you get the picture!

If you ordered ten bunches (1500+ leaves!!) you could do 375 of these boutonnieres.  Uh . . . little overkill.  One or two bunches can add an accent all your corsages, boutonnieres AND add some unique greens to your bouquets.  You shouldn't be forced to buy $110 worth just to enjoy a few of these unique leaves in your designs!

Don't fall for the hype online about "free shipping".  Trust me - the markup and extra padding and large buy requirements well covers the cost of free shipping.

OK . . . enough sermonizing! It's enough to say that using different flower and green varieties add a lot of beautiful interest to flower designs and keep them from being boring!

Let's get creative.  This wedding boutonniere is made with chrysanthemums, which makes it a very inexpensive since there are so many flower heads on a single stem.

You will need:

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