How to Make a Christmas Centerpiece

Learning how to make a Christmas centerpiece involves a few tricks of the florist trade. It's always better to trim off some of the extra needles when using assorted greens. Otherwise the bulky needles can cause a very large hole in the Oasis foam, making it more prone to greenery falling out when the centerpiece is moved.

Fir tends to arrive cut in longer branches. Begin snipping apart sections where the parts branch out.

After snipping off the main branch, you'll still need to trim needles off the portion that will be inserted into the florist foam.

Giving yourself a slender stem to insert doesn't take much time and can speed up the process of greening in the centerpiece. You can strip off the excess needles with your fingers or by gliding your knife over the bottom part of the stem.

You can see that your Christmas centerpiece begins to fill out nicely with the addition of fir.

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