How to Make a 
Calla Lily Boutonniere

Cut flower work such as boutonnieres and corsages can add up quickly, especially when created with a pricier flowers like a calla lily.

FTD, 1-800-FLOWERS and Teleflora sometimes charge $25 (or more for the "upgraded" design!)  Partially this is because calla lilies are cut from plants, making them more expensive to raise that a field raised flower like a rose or carnation.

But for very little effort, you can buy your own fresh callas plus all the "extras" to make 8 - 10 boutonnieres for the price of two!  That is . . . if you can buy the flowers and greenery for reasonable amounts.

Buying the wholesale flowers online presents a challenge for DIY brides.  The "wholesale" flower farms are willing so sell the flowers to the public - but they often require large minimums (such as 10 bunches or more!)  

I found some suppliers that will let you buy a couple of calla bunches - but demand that you buy 10 bunches of the aspidistra leaves!  Wow!  That's a fast $100!!

What are you going to do with 100 leaves if you only need ten?  This is the reason I decided to offer fresh flowers and bulk greenery in my own online store.  You can mix and match different flower and green varieties - buying single bunches rather than huge quantities.  This puts you in control of your flower budget.  

I also sell all the professional supplies as well.  This includes colored wire, bridal bouquet holders, decorative flower jewelry and the special floral products that professionals use to keep their flowers fresh for an extended time. 

I may not offer "free shipping" - but I don't require large minimums with the prices padded so well that you are paying for that shipping whether you realize it or not!  This is one stop shopping, with everything you need in one shipment.

Use my free Wedding Flower Calculator to make up your own flower recipes and know exactly how much to order for your own event.

Here are the supplies you will need for this easy calla lily boutoniere:

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