How to Make a Bridal Bouquet

Basic Wedding Flower Tutorials

Learn how to make a bridal bouquet - then how to change the look by using different varieties of flowers. The basic cascade below is made up of roses. The look can change dramatically depending on the other colors and flowers that you choose to add to the design.

Flowering in a Basic Rose Cascade

After you learn how to green in a bouquet holder, the flowering part is easy and brings out the creative part of you! Don't feel restricted to use the same flowers or colors as shown, merely use this as a guide of a basic "how to". If you'd like to see how to make a fuller, more rounded rose cascade, check out this tutorial made with white roses.

First Look: Rose and Snapdragons

Snapdragons are a favorite flower of mine to use and are often overlooked by brides. It comes in a nice variety of colors and shades, including pink, white, yellow and lavender.

Second Look: Blue Delphinium and Stephanotis

Using delphinium and stephanotis instead of snapdragons gives this cascade a whole, new look! Delphinium comes in light blue, dark bright blue and off white. The stephanotis and stock flower give the bouquet a wonderful fragrance.

Florists used to wire in a long cascade. That's still advisable if the flowers are particularly large or heavy.

But for most cascades, using a product called Floralock helps keep all the flowers tightly fitted into a bouquet.

Unique Centerpieces plus Ceremony Ideas

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