How to Make a Boutonniere

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Learn how to properly make a boutonniere using fresh greenery along with taping and wiring techniques. Professional florists charge high prices for boutonnieres, but they are relatively simple to make.  Where florists have the advantage is the use of the right products and techniques to make those cut lapel flowers last longer.  Thru my online store, I make these same product available to you, thus you can save considerably on your wedding flower budget by contributing your own labor.

Interesting boutonnieres are much more than just green tape and a corsage pin.  Different foliages can make a simple rose more exotic and really don't take that much more time.

You can order pre-cut greens along with your bulk wedding flowers or simply make use of fresh house plants.  You must be sure to condition them properly and seal the greenery so it doesn't wilt prematurely.

For this tutorial you'll need:

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