How to Make a Boutonniere

Pink China Aster

When learning how to make a boutonniere, you'll find that it is the meticulous attention to detailing that will make your designs stand and (and get all the compliments!)

I finished wrapping the Skinny Wire around the stem, securing the single Lily grass blade to the boutonniere.  I then create another loop with the wire, mimicking the loop of the green grass blade.

See from the back how I then created a second colored wire loop and then secured each by a tight wrap around the boutonniere stem.

Finish by bringing the wire around to the back, and then burying it deep into the taped lily leaf.  Remember to cover all cut ends of every wire and pin securely to prevent damage or injury.

Boutonnieres are pinned on the wearer's left side (it will be on the right hand side of the pinner).  Secure it firmly to the lapel using corsage pins.  I prefer them over the shorter boutonniere pins. Don't be afraid to use two pins, driving the pins deep into the flower head at the top. 

The boutonniere should not "flop forward", and be tightly fastened.  Common alternatives are boutonniere magnets or easy pins, but you have to think ahead and work them into the design as you are creating the lapel flower.

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