How to Make a Bouquet

Choosing Quality Roses

Roses are a popular choice for bridal bouquets.  Please note that varieties classified as "white" by growers may have a slight ivory tone.  They are not usually the "paper white" you see in artificial flowers.

Roses are graded by growers according to length and head size.  It is fine to order short stemmed roses for use in bouquets, since you are going to cut down the stem length anyway.

Thorns need to be removed from the rose stems before using.  They are dangerous for hand ties, injuring your hands or snagging clothing.  

Thorns also tend to tear up florist foam when inserting into bouquet holders.

There are many different styles available, but I like the acrylic one offered by Chrysal.  It fits comfortably in your hand and is gentler to the rose stems.  Simply wrap it around the flower stem and draw it quickly down the stem.  It will clean off thorns and leaves in one swipe.

Fresh roses should have a firm feel to the bulb.  They are shipped in a dormant closed state, but generally open quickly when dipped in a flower rehydrator and placed in water.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the proper way to condition your bulk wedding flowers.  Using them straight out of the box is a sure way to have dead flowers on your wedding day.

Don't be alarmed if the outer petals have spots or browning or piercings.  These are guard petals left on when shipped to protect the inner rose.  Simply remove and discard them when you are ready to design.  Leave them on when resting in buckets to help prevent bruising.

Be sure your hands are clean and don't handle the petals any more than necessary.  I usually spray my fingers with Finishing Touch so that the oils from my hand don't transfer to the delicate rose petals.

Cut the rose to length and insert into the bouquet.  Don't insert deeper than about 1 inch or you'll soon have stems running into each other.  The stems will later be locked into place with a spray adhesive called Floralock.

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