How to Decorate with Tulle

This how to decorate with tulle tutorial finishes up with trimming the bow to the proper length. I generally wait until the bow is attached to the pew before doing this step. It's easier to gauge just how long the tails and loops should be when you see them on the actual pews. This will also make it easier to keep all the bows uniform and looking similar.

Attaching the bows to the pew is going to depend on what type of pew (or chair) you have. Sometimes it can simply be tied on with a piece of tulle as shown below.

When the pew back sticks up as this one does, you can simply take a piece of tulle and wrap it around the pew and bow, tying it tightly through the loops in back of the bow. You can tie it with a longer piece and allow the tails to drop down as part of the decoration.

Other pew shapes may require a specific pew clip or cage


The tulle may look a little shaggy and not finished. I prefer not to measure each and every piece of tulle that I attach, finding it faster to simply trim the bows to size when I'm finished.

Grasp the piece of tulle that you want to trim firmly with one hand and cut with sharp shears in the other hand. You will have a finished cut that looks rather like pinking sheers.

I cut at an upward angle to to give a little more interest and depth to the bow.

Simply discard the leftover pieces after you are finished trimming the bow.

Once finished, you'll have a lovely bow that is oh-so-easy! to create for YOUR own perfect wedding day!

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