How to Decorate a Church for a Wedding

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Learn how to decorate a church for a wedding by using my experience as a wedding florist. There are several things to consider before decorating your ceremony location.

Altar decorations, of course, are one of the primary focal points of the wedding decorations since it is located right where the bride and groom stand. Be sure to protect any wooden surfaces with a clear plastic sheet if using fresh flowers that have a water source.

Think big! Vases should be overlarge to compensate for the enormous space you have to cover. It's better to put a few large pieces in the front of the church rather than lots of tiny decorations scattered all around the church.

Always check all the requirements and restrictions at your church BEFORE decorating. Tons of petals scattered on the aisle is gorgeous . . . and also a potential for staining the carpeting! If you simply cannot live without this look, be sure to place down protective sheets of plastic first. It costs far less that expensive carpet cleaning bills! (Most venues require a hefty damage deposit that you may not get back otherwise.)

Check out equipment rental places or the church itself to see your options for candelabras, archways and free standing aisle holders. You should be able to find it under "Wedding Rentals" or "Wedding Equipment" in the yellow pages.

Measure any free standing archways carefully before renting to be sure they'll fit in your church. Learn how to assemble and take it apart. I always use zip ties (found in the electrical section of a discount store) to quickly fasten flower cages. Removal then only takes a few snips of a wire cutter. No lengthy wiring and unwiring.

The base can be prettily decorated with ferns or pots of live plants.

Realize that large Oasis forms are heavy and need to be firmly secured anywhere that they are hung.

Pew decorations can be hung by ribbons or special pew clips.

Don't use any tape or other means of adhesive that may damage or leave a gummy residue.

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