How to Make Calla Lily Bouquet

Easy Do It Yourself Wedding Tutorials for Brides

Learning how to make a calla lily bouquet requires a little skill and patience. I do believe it is easier to use a foam holder and simply create a faux hand tied look while having the control of placing every flower where you want them.

But this tutorial is for a real hand-tied calla bouquet, which takes a little more time and effort. I began with taping clusters of callas together. I then combining those clusters together, forming a rounded shape. I finished by binding the stems with florist tape and wrapping the stems with a sheer ribbon.

I pinned the sheer ribbon into place with pearl headed corsage pins.

I finish every bouquet with a sealant spray such as

Finishing Touch

Mist well, let dry, then store in a cool, darkened room. Run a cool mist humidifier if you can, as both refrigerators and air conditioning dry out the air and rob moisture from the flower heads.

I store my bridal bouquets, attendant bouquets and corsage work in an extra refrigerator. Turn the thermostat up warmer so it'll be in the 50 degree range for calla lilies.

Mist well with Finishing Touch and allow to dry before placing in fridge. I cover with a light tissue to help keep the moisture in the petals. Refrigerators don't have built in humidifiers like professional florist coolers do.

This bride had a special, embroidered sash made with her initials on it. I put it on shortly before the ceremony. Do NOT store something like this in the fridge, as it can get soiled or wet in the days before the wedding.

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