Hot Pink Roses

Continuing a Mixed Bridal Bouquet Design

Hot pink roses are now added into our bridal bouquet design. I remove the protective outer petals off the rose before inserting it into the bouquet holder. Always leave these petals on until you are ready to design, since they protect the inner petals from gouging and bruising.

With above a 3" stem, insert the first pink rose clustered in tightly in a space next to the green rose and the cymbidium orchid.

It is not necessary to plunge the rose in completely - just until it has at least 1" buried in the foam.

You can see how I continue rounding out the design, filling the shape of the bouquet from the center out. Begin to tilt the flowers with an outward angle, so from all sides the full top of the flower is viewed.

Now I add another hot pink rose on the opposite side for balance.

As more pink roses are added, you notice that the heads are beginning to tilt outward from the center flowers.

Placement doesn't have to be an exact science, as you want this to look balanced in color and texture, but not perfectly spaced and numbered!

As I surround the bouquet in more pink roses, I begin to lengthen the stems a bit so the bouquet can grow larger in diameter, rather than creating a perfect round ball. From the side it will have a softly rounded dome shape, not a sharply defined ball shape.

With this shot from a side angle, you can see how the bouquet is growing slightly larger on the bottom rim.

This angled view shows how the bottom roses added begin to tilt downward more and more as the bouquet begins to fill out.

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