Homemade Wedding Decorations

Homemade wedding decorations can have a professional polish and look to them when you use supplies made by OASIS! Florists already know how easy these type of arrangement are to make.

This design requires the flowers of your choice and an OASIS® Ring, Decorative Aluminium Wire and decorative corsage pins.

The flowers used for this design is:

    Sweet William - Dianthus barbatus (red & pink)
    VeronicaCalla Lily-Zantedeschia (Pink)Chili Peppers (red)Grass StrawsMillet Cobs

Feel free to personalize the flowers and colors to suit your taste.

This particular ring has been done with a European flair, clustering like flowers together as if growing in flower beds.

Extra interest is added by inserting the stems of the calla lilies in the foam, and then laying them across the top of clusters of flowers.

Using the decorative colored OASIS wire, insert on end into the foam and then coil around the design ring, resting on top of all the flowers. Use contrasting colors for a dramatic effect.

Using different colored pearl pins, secure heads of flowers by inserting the pins various places on the wreath, directly thru the heads and stems of the flowers.

The finished effect is a lovely wreath, ready to lay directly on the table. Put candles, hurricanes or other decorative items in the center of the ring if you desire.

Design by Lars Jensen for Smithers-Oasis. All rights reserved.

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