Head Table Decorations

Head table decorations are important. Just think - all eyes are usually focused on the bride and groom. So your table decor should frame in beautifully, both in pictures and during the actual reception.

Note that, although elaborate, this table cascade is kept low so not to interfere with the eye contact between the couple and their wedding guests. A spray like this one is made on an Oasis Jumbo Cage. It's important the the florist foam be a big enough block to support that many flowers drawing water from it.

Photo courtesy John Henry. All rights reserved.

Head table decorations with candles are the same way. The candlelight is a lovely addition - just be sure the candles frame rather than conceal the faces of the wedding party.

Photo courtesy John Henry. All rights reserved.

Floral garlands are beautiful hanging in front of the table. But the weight of the flowers are heavy, so be sure you support it securely so it doesn't droop or sag on the front of the table. This garland is made with sprengeri, a lacy fern that is a very reasonable cost. The cost is mostly determined by the amount of flowers you add to it.

Photo courtesy John Henry. All rights reserved.

Using your bridal and bridesmaids bouquets to do "double duty" is such a fun way to enhance a table such as the one pictured below. The bouquets are held by table clamps attached to the edge.

Photo courtesy John Henry. All rights reserved.

Beautifully decorated chairs finish off the effect. Wrap with tulle, ribbon or decorate with fresh flowers for a lovely look.

If you plan to enhance your decor with string lights, be sure to locate electrical outlets BEFORE you decide on setup.

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