Handmade Wedding Favors

These handmade wedding favors are so fast and let your creative side come out! Guests always love Hershey chocolate bars and you can easily wrap your own in decorative paper to match your wedding theme.

Browse the aisles of your favorite discount or craft store for scrapbooking supplies. They have a wonderful range of papers, decorative buttons and ribbon to make your favors a one-of-a-kind delight.

Click here for the simple instructions on how I did the candy bars you see below.

I simply wrapped this one in brightly colored paper and added a couple of wraps of decortive ribbon. I attached the ribbon with a glue dot dispenser meant for scrapbooking. Finish up with stick on adhesive labels.

I made matching candy bars and bubble using miniature playing cards I found in a Dollar store. I printed off labels on my home computer with the saying "Two of a Kind . . . Dreaming of a Full House!" These were fun to make.

This paper was for scrapbooking. You can also look for lovely designs in the computer paper section of places like Office Depot.

Pure elegance can be added by using buttons by Favorite Findings which has so many different designs to choose from. Simply cut the shank off the button with a pair of wire cutters. Attach with glue dots or cool melt glue.

I found these bows in the gift wrap section of a store. Don't they add an elegant touch?

You can be inventive and use the same paper to wrap around bubbles, cones and other matching favors.

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