Handle for Calla Lily Bouquets

Do It Yourself Wedding Flower Tutorials

Here is an alternative handle for calla lily bouquets instead of the one shown in the step-by-step tutorial.

First, tie off securely in TWO places on the stems instead of one, leaving a bare space in the center where the stems show through.

You can secure with pearl-headed pins so not to have any knots or lumps on the first tie-off.

I re-wrapped with a darker shade of ribbon, and made a double loop with the end. Secure with another pin.

Using a slender silver or gold wire, thread a double-eyed flat button and push the wire through the sheer ribbon, pulling tightly. Twist the wire, the re-insert the end back into the stems, directly through the sheer ribbon again. Be sure the cut wire is deeply embedded into the flower stems.

This creates a lovely finish to the bouquet. This can be adapted many different ways. Experiment using different kinds of ribbons, including polka dots, plaids and other prints.

This bouquet was created for the bridesmaids, to coordinate with the tutorial that was made for the bridal bouquet. The only difference was the size (number of callas used) and the ratio of the colors. The bridesmaids had more white callas in ratio to the dark plum callas.

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