Hand Tied Wedding Bouquet

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A hand tied wedding bouquet has been predominately featured in top wedding magazines for several years now. Today's brides enjoy the natural stem look. Another advantage? These bouquets can be kept fresh in a vase of water, waiting to be carried down the aisle. Just be sure to keep a towel handy to catch the extra drips so they don't spatter on the gown!

This first lovely bouquet is perfect for spring. Nerine lilies, soft orange and pink ranunculus, white French lilacs, white roses and and dainty freesias make up a wonderful combination.

More muted tones are in the bridal bouquet. Although this looks like a hand tie, it is a smarter bouquet with a built in water source. Simply save the stems, bundle them and slip the handle of the bouquet holder into them. I prefer using an Oasis SuperWet bouquet holder in this way. It is already green, so it is easily hidden in the stems.

The flowers are peach Asiatic lilies, gorgeous French tulips in soft tones, tiny spray roses, waxflower, Freesias, blue lace flowers, sweet smelling lavender, and variegated ivy.

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