Hand Tied Rose Bouquets

Do It Yourself Flower Arranging Tutorials

Hand tied rose bouquets are immensely popular. But it is impractical to carry a true hand tied rose bouquet of any size, since the stems of twenty-four roses would have a diameter of about 4 to 5 inches. It would feel like you were carrying a big club!

This tutorial shows you how to create that beautiful look, while keeping the handle a manageable size.

Don't discard the stems of the roses you inserted into the bouquet holder. Instead, clean the thorns and leaves off 10 - 15 of those stems.

I use these stems to create a faux hand tied look on an Oasis SuperWet Bouquet Holder. I'm particularly fond of this holder since it comes in green and is easier to hide the bouquet holder by blending in with the stems. It also has a built-in watering system in the handle, making it possible to design the bouquet a few days in advance, yet keeping the Oasis foam wet. This, of course, keeps the flowers fresh without having to constantly re-water the bouquet holder.

You can use one of two methods to adhere the stems to the handle. Florists usually use double-sided tape wrapped around the handle, thus sticking the stems to it.

I like using green Cling - a florist clay that keeps it's stickiness - even when wet. Note that I've used white clay for the demonstration, since it shows up better in the photographs. You will want green so it blends in better with the color of the rose stems.

Wrap a length of Cling around the handle of the holder and remove the paper so that the sticky clay is exposed. Don't forget to remove the cap off the bottom of the SuperWet holder so you can place the bouquet in water later. The stems will extend down lower than the holder - thus it will be harder to remove later if you forget.

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