Hand Tied Rose Bouquet

The Easy Way to Make
Your Own Bridal Bouquet!

A hand tied rose bouquet can be a bit of a challenge for the Do It Yourself bride. But no more! Using the Bravo wedding bouquet holder from Oasis makes it a much easier. I always choose a large holder, because it holds more florist foam.

Clean the foliage off your rose stems and blunt the thorns with a sharp knife.

Don't leave any thorns on the part of the stem that you will push into the holder. The thorns can tear up florist foam of your hand tied rose bouquet very quickly.

The goal is to insert the stem once. Don't keep putting it in an taking it back out again or you will break up your foam and it will not hold the stems well.
Soak the Bravo holder in water treated with flower food. Don't force the Oasis under water. Instead, let it soak up water gradually until it is wet clear through. (This only takes a minute or two.)

Shorten all your roses to about 5 - 6 inches long. Be sure to keep the stems, as you will use them later on the bottomof the bouquet.

Push your first rose into the center of the bouquet until firmly set - but not coming thru the bottom side.

Don't force in too deeply . . .remember you still have a lot of flowers to add!

Place the second rose close the the first, with the stem straight up.

Continue adding roses, being careful to place the flowers in the foam once. As you add flowers, the shape of the bouquet will begin to form.

Notice that the stems of this hand tied rose bouquet begin to angleoutwards as you add more and more flowers.

Once your roses are in place, you will see a definite round pattern with a dome shaped view from the side.

I added greenery around the edge to cover the open stems. This is varigated pittosporum. You can use other greenery such as leather leaf fern, salal tips, etc. You can also choose to use no greenery if you prefer.

Now the the top portion of your bouquet is done, you are ready to begin inserting the stems in the under part. Decide how long you want your stems to be. Carefully clean off all the thorns or they will be catching on your wedding or bridesmaid dresses.

Begin inserting the stems carefully. You don't have to use all the stems, but just enough that it looks realistic and full.

Once all your stems are inserted, you will be ready to wrap a ribbon around the white part of the bouquet handle. Begin by putting double-sides tape on the plastic handle and then wrapping the ribbon or cover around it.

Your hand tied rose wedding bouquet is now complete. Be sure to mist with a flower sealant and store in a cool environment until ready to use. Dribble more water into the foam regularly to keep it wet until your wedding day.

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