Hand Tied Rose Bouquet

Framing with Leather Leaf Fern

If your leather leaf fern is really huge, you may need to trim it back  or remove the bottom laterals. 

This fern has a lovely natural curve that can be used to advantage.  At this point, don't worry about crossing the stems - simply lay it straight up and down against the finished bouquet.

Don't worry if you see "black dots" on the underside of the fern.  This is natural spores (seeds) that repopulates the fern. 

Continue placing the fern all around the underside of the bouquet.

You can snip off any excess fern, trimming it back to where it frames the rose edges to where you want them.

See what a lovely finish the fern gives to the roses, making a natural collar of greenery.

Now I like my underside of the bouquet to be attractive as well, so I add a few more pieces of fern, except I flip these around so that the front of the fern is facing outward, covering the ugly back "underside" of the ferns.

Tape into place with Bind It tape, wrapping the tape down far enough to cover the wires that were on your rose stems.

Snip off any unwanted stray fern, tree fern and remove any damaged petals.  Now we are finished with the basic construction of the bouquet!

Let's move on to giving the bouquet handle a nice smooth finish!

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