Hand Tied Bridal Bouquets

Easy Step by Step Flower Tutorials

Creating hand tied bridal bouquets can be a little tricky because it requires you to hold the flower stems in one hand, while rotating the entire bouquet and adding flower stems in a spiral pattern.

Speaking as a professional florist, I prefer that my wedding bouquets have a water source and generally create a mock hand-tied bouquet on a bouquet holder.  You can't tell the difference and the flowers are fresh longer and not under as much stress.

However, I have created a step-by-step tutorial for those who want to create a traditional hand tie.  I have included a few tricks of the trade that may make it easier while keeping the flowers firmly in place.

One of those "needed necessities" is a foliage/thorn stripper.  While there are several different types, by far my favorite is the acrylic stripper by Chrysal

This flexible stripper is kind to both your hands AND to the flowers.  Some of the older models tend to strip bark and scrape the stem, allowing bacteria to invade the flower when standing in water.  These handy little gadgets are cheap and make quick work of removing unwanted thorns and foliage.

BindIt tape is a fairly new product by Oasis.  I LOVE this stuff!  It has a stretchy kind of feel to it and adheres to itself with a very tight bond.  It is not tape . . . but sort of acts like shrink wrap.

It is waterproof and quickly binds stems into place, allowing you to relax your hand somewhat and not have to hold the stems so tightly.

I have a small hand, so this works well for keeping a handle on the unwieldiness of a large amount of stems.

The old fashioned method is to used waxed string.  The wax helps protect delicate flower stems from getting crushed or cut. 

It really does take two, however, since cutting the string when you have your hands full of flowers can be a challenge.

Ok . . . let's get started.  Feel free to substitute a mixture of different flowers or greens for a garden look.

You'll need (adjust for more if you want a larger bouquet):

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