Hand Tied Bridal Bouquets
with Greenery

Hand tied bridal bouquets look gorgeous with greenery.  Don't feel limited to just the greens shown.  There are many common bulk greenery to choose from, including galax leaves, lemon leaf (salal) and more.

As you turn your bouquet around, always look for the next open "hole" to fill with your next rose (or other flowers.)

The technique for hand tied bouquets is the same, regardless of what flowers you use.  If you are having a mix of flowers, lay them out on the table separated by variety. 

This way you can work your way across the different kinds, mixing your flowers in an even pattern.

Roses are a sturdy flower, well suited for this type of hand bouquet.  I generally recommend using short stem roses, since you are going to be cutting of a major portion of the stem anyway.

I'm now about a third of the way done, since I am planning to use 15 roses in this bouquet.

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