Hand Tied Bouquet Tutorial

Easy Do It Yourself Directions for Wedding Flowers

Carrying a hand tied bouquet of two dozen roses isn't very practical, since that many stems would create a club-sized handle that would be hard for a bride to manage.

Instead, most florists create a faux hand tie - a bouquet that looks like it has it's stems, but is really created on a bouquet holder.

The extra advantage is that by using one of the the newest holder by Oasis, the SuperWet, you have the advantage of a self-watering handle that keeps the foam (and thus the flowers) wet!

On the previous page, I showed you how you wrapped double faced tape or Cling around the bouquet handle. (Be sure to remove the bottom cap!)

Now begin laying the cleaned stems against the sticky clay. Use green rather than the white shown, for better concealment.

Place the stems as close together as you can, pressing them firmly into the clay so that they stick to the handle.

Continue adding stems until the clay (or double faced tape) is completely covered.

Press firmly with your hand so that the stems are embedded into the clay.

Cover the top cut ends of the stems with either florist tape or pottery tape. If you wish the bottom stems to be the same length, cut them off with florist shears or a knife.

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