Hand Flower Bracelet
Diamond Rose Collection

A hand flower bracelet isn't limited to a simple elastic band anymore. There are so many different design possibilities that incorporate the beautiful look of pearls, beads or rhinestones as a lovely backdrop to your corsage flowers.

This beaded bracelet is available in Midnight black, Clear Dazzle and Sterling silver.

The detailing on the rhinestone accent is the focal point of this wristlet. Two flowers are attached on each sides on the sides overlaying three strands of crystal beads.

Each Fitz Design bracelet comes with a flexible patented design disk. You have the option of gluing the flower heads directly to the disk for a quick and easy corsage. You may also design a traditional wired corsage and attach with the provided ribbon. Either way, you'll love the sleek design element that these bracelets add to your wrist flowers.

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