Bridal Bouquet Holder

Elegant Hammered Design

This wedding bouquet holder is not only beautiful - but very practical for designing flowers ahead of time.  The handle is hollow and has a built in wicking system.  This allows you to arrange the flowers and (after unscrewing the bottom cap) place the bouquet in a vase of water. 

The flowers will draw the water up through the handle and into the foam head, extending the life of the flowers.

This first bouquet is a lovely mixture of summer flowers.  You can recreate this look yourself by using peach roses, lavender stock, peach gerberas,  mint green carnations, purple spray asters, and pink heather (substituted for seasonal lilacs shown).

Add greenery if you wish and Floralock to keep the stems firmly in the bouquet after designed.

This bouquet is wonderfully rich with lavender roses , purple mini carnations and Italian Ruscus.

Soft brown shades are beautifully done with white, ivory and brown roses.  Delicate stephanotis are strung on metallic wire  and hanging off the bouquet.  Lily Grass loops over the bouquet are strung with beads.

Soft orange roses are paired with miniature calla lilies , hypericum berries , and pink hydrangeas.

Spray orchids create light movement around this tight bouquet of red roses.

The yellow Oncidium orchids create a delicate armature around a nested bouquet of hot orange roses.

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