Hair Updos for Prom

Elegant hair updos for prom can finish off a polished, sophisticated look for the big dance! I really loved the way this girl's hair looked. Her blond tresses were piled high on the crown of her head and looked absolutely stunning.

Here's the front view - very sleek and simply pulled back from the forehead.

You can see by the back view that this style was high off of her shoulders.

This girl was in the same wedding. She had a very similar style, but you can tell hers was even longer that that of the girl above.

What if you crave the updo look for your prom, but simply don't have long enough hair? Do what the celebrities do! Use hair extensions and have your hairdresser weave them in among your own locks. You'll love using the extensions over and over again, long after prom night is over.

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