Grooms Wedding Cake

Chocolate Groom Cake to Drool Over!

Grooms Wedding Cake is a very popular custom now days. Before the 19th century in Britian, it was customary for the sweet dessert to be a fruitcake. When lighter versions gained favor, fruitcake was then served as a "groom's cake". But once the tradition gained popularity in the United States - CHOCOLATE RULES!

Chocolate Groom Cake

These luscious cakes makes your mouth water just by the pictures. Strawberries dipped in melted chocolate and topped with candy swirls and drizzled melted candy over truffles.

Photo courtesy of Wilton Cakes. All rights reserved.

This amazing design has a top made of gum paste mixed with brown icing color. Fondant is added - and the cut into the fantastic bows and curls you see on this cake. It's so pretty is would be hard to cut it!

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Photo courtesy of Wilton Cakes. All rights reserved.

Funny Cake for the Groom

It's perfectly proper to pair a playful groom's cake with a traditional wedding cake. Most groom's want their cake to have a masculine flair. This awesome tuxedo cake is perfect for your "man of the evening"!

Bridegroom Cake Topper

Some grooms wedding cakes can be downright amusing. With funny cake toppers, the groom can have HIS say on the day!

Photo courtesy of Wilton Cakes. All rights reserved.

The groom got to show his love of baseball in this funny cake. But notice the bride got the last word - the pennants spell out "No more playing the field".

Photo courtesy of Wilton Cakes. All rights reserved.

Cake Themes for Groom Cake

Grooms can even show how they like to spend their free time. I actually made this wedding cake for my sister and my new brother-in-law. He loved this Hunting Groom Cake topper. (I was very appropriate - since they got married on the first day of hunting season!!) Although their whole wedding cake was a Hunting Wedding Theme, it can easily be scaled down to be a grooms wedding cake instead.

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Does your groom have a passion for flying? For playing the guitar? Include HIS talents and interests by using a molded pan or topper.

Photo courtesy of Wilton Cakes. All rights reserved.

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