Gridding a Clear Vase

Short Vase Centerpiece Techniques

This quick tutorial by Sweet Pea Blooms shows how florists grid a vase using clear tape.  To recreate this sample vase, you'll need the following products:

Gridding vases is a florist secret to keeping stems in place in clear vases.  Florists use greenery stems as a "grid" to keep flower stems in place in tall vases.  But this isn't always possible in shorter vases.  Therefore using clear floral tape is invisible, yet allows the stems to stay in place.

Don't forget to process your flowers correctly, using a flower re-hydrator if ordering flowers off the internet.  Using cut flower food is essential for extending the life of your flowers.

I always finish every arrangement with a good misting of flower sealant such as Finishing Touch.  Using these types of products is what sets professional florists apart from amateurs.  It's not enough to stick flowers in a vase - you need to learn how to keep those flowers looking their best for as long as possible.

Don't feel limited by these flowers or color choices.  There are a lot of affordable flowers that can be made quickly into beautiful arrangements for wedding reception tables.

Video Courtesy SweetPeaBlooms

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