Church Wedding Stand

Adding Ming Fern

Once you've finished filling your church wedding stand out with leather leaf fern, you can add other interesting foliages.

Ming Fern is a beautiful addition to any floral arrangement or bouquet.  Light and airy sprigs shoot off from a central branch.  Cut this fern into manageable pieces to fill in gaps and holes in your greened design.

I start by tucking a short piece into the center of the cage, burying it deep among the greens to give a feeling of depth with a different green color.

Insert more pieces on the sides of the arrangement.  Remember - we want this stand to look beautiful and complete from a 3/4 view.

Do the same on the opposite side.  Ming can fill in those gaps pretty quickly.

Once finished with the ming, I'm now going to add an airy touch with another fern called plumosa.

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