Green Center of
Cascade Bridal Bouquet

Leather Leaf Fern

Now that your cascading bridal bouquet is framed in, you can quickly fill in the center with shorter pieces of leather leaf fern.

The outer pieces are placed straight out from the sides.  As you move inward, begin angling your pieces forward a bit.

This gives the final design more dimension and won't look flattened.  Always take frequent looks from the side, to be sure your bouquet is taking on depth as well as width.

I usually fill around the outside and work my way into the center.  

The pieces you use will get a little shorter as you get near the center and will eventually be put in at a complete 90 degree angle.  (Sticking straight forward).

At this point, I've used only three pieces of leather leaf fern.  You can see why it's unnecessary to buy such enormous quantities of greenery that a lot of flower websites require brides to buy.

It is much better to buy in single bunches so you can mix and match greenery in bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres, giving you a much more creative design.

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