Greening a Cascade
Wedding Bouquet

Leather Leaf Fern

Begin by inserting your cut off leather leaf fronds (about 4" - 5" long) around the perimeter of the bridal bouquet foam.  Remember that this frame of greens is going to dictate how large your final bouquet will be.  The lower fronds that you cut off these first pieces can later be used to fill in the center of the holder.

The greenery tips are going to be just a bit shorter than the rose heads, which will extend out past the edge of the greenery.

For a cascade, I make the first top green just a little longer than the side greens, which will give you a nice oval shape to work with eventually.

Insert all the greens around the outside first, before filling in the center part of the foam.  I'm going to use a mixture of different greens in this bouquet, which will give more of an interesting look and texture.

Greenery is typically a good way to stretch the flower budget, as the greens shown should be cheaper than the actual flowers.

Keep the pieces of leather about the same length (except the top piece), all around the bouquet holder until you reach the cascade bottom.

Then insert a longer piece of leather leaf fern.  Remember - the length of the greenery dictates how long the cascade will be.  

If the leather curves too far backwards, place another piece BACKWARD facing behind the first piece.  The natural curve of that piece of leather will push the first piece forward.

You'll need two more pieces of fern - longer than the first pieces - yet shorter than the cascade piece.

Insert these two longer pieces on the lower right and left, filling out the cascade tail and completing the oval framework of the bouquet.

Your basic outer frame of the bridal bouquet is now complete.  You're ready to begin filling in the center portion.  

Keep in mind that, although you want to hide your mechanics (foam, grid, etc.), you don't want to jam so much greenery into your design that you don't have room to support the flowers.

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